Founded in 2003, The River Source Holistic Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center is a residential, in-patient treatment program with two full service facilities located in Arizona.

We offer competitively priced drug and alcohol treatment programs to help those fighting the degenerate sins of drug and /or alcohol abuse. Our recovery system is celebrated by those who have passed through our program and have rediscovered the joy and clarity of living an addiction free lifestyle.
New York Drug & Alcohol Rehab Center

Our patients are nurtured yet challenged by our experienced, licensed and dedicated staff members while experiencing our distinctive recovery methods – techniques which integrate our naturopathic detoxification process with traditional medical practices to heal New York addicts. These treatment methods are tried and true; we are proud to have helped innumerable people learn to live a life free of the despondency and tragedy into which drug and alcohol addiction can easily turn.

Our experienced pre-treatment counselors, medical director, medical doctors, Naturopathic medical doctors, Naturopathic physicians, nurses, behavioral health techs, substance abuse counselors, life trainers, family counselors, fitness instructors, massage therapists, nurse aides, nutrition instructors, program managers, recovery coaches and after-care counselors understand the mayhem that substance abuse can cause and are knowledgeable and passionate about helping our patients to get and stay clean & sober. Our staff is dedicated to ensuring that each patient is provided the tools and training to remove themselves from addiction’s treadmill to futility and despair.

New York is but one of the many United States from where addicts in need of help to prevail in their conquest to defeat their drug and alcohol addictions began their journey to sobriety. The River Source’s focused holistic addiction treatment program strengthens the mind and the spirit which in turn heal the body.

The River Source opens the gates to recovery in two modern facilities, both located in Arizona.

New Yorkers may choose to recover at our metropolitan Phoenix area treatment facility which is tucked into a cozy art neighborhood in Mesa. (Mesa is a ‘first ring’ suburb and is the largest of Phoenix’s many suburbs. The City of Mesa borders both Phoenix and Scottsdale and is just a short drive east of Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport.) Addicts have been starting on their road to sobriety in this conveniently located treatment center since it opened in 2003. Our Mesa facility is within walking distance of twelve-step meeting locations, is near several shopping centers and has easy access to light rail trains. Hotels where family members can stay are also nearby.

The River Source’s newer facility is located about an hour south of Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport and about equal distant between Phoenix and Tucson in Casa Grande. Addiction sufferers who prefer to begin their odyssey to sobriety surrounded by mountains and calmed by desert beauty can choose this addiction treatment center.

Both of these modern facilities are run by caring and experienced professional staffs with extensive training in treating, teaching and healing those who are suffering in a world dominated by addiction related superficiality and mediocrity.



The fee to stay for the first thirty days at either of our first class facilities is $9500, which is a fifty-five hundred dollar reduction from $15,000. The cost for each subsequent thirty day stay has been reduced forty-five hundred dollars to $6500, from the previous $11,000 fee.

These rates were lowered to better accommodate the ominous financial situations being undergone by many too many Americans and to reemphasize our already strong commitment to make state-of-the-art drug and alcohol treatment available to more who need our help. The occasion of our fee schedule reduction is an ideal time for any addict to expel the litany of failure, dashed expectations and unfulfilled dreams that addiction to drugs or alcohol is causing and to begin living a new life of unbridled contentment that sobriety can provide.


Reasons to Seek Treatment at The River Source:

1.  Affordability

The River Source’s rate schedule is more affordable than are most other comparable treatments regimes. Check around, one will quickly discover that many other treatment facilities have fees of $25,000 or even as much as $40K for thirty days of treatment in their programs. We are committed to offering a treatment regime that is within the financial reach of more New Yorkers.

2.  Our Holistic Approach

At The River Source, we teach addicts how to live a clean & sober lifestyle by treating the addicts’ triumvirate of mind, body and spirit. We treat all aspects of addiction using our holistic approach as the cornerstone of our treatment methods, while other treatment clinics may ignore the potential benefits of healing the patients’ spirit.

3.  12-Step Program

Twelve-Step Programs have been used for decades and the experience of countless counselors and past addicts worldwide has proven that this is one of the single most effective programs for overcoming substance abuse issues. River Source integrates this fundamental strategy into our treatment regime and we require that our patients complete the 12-Steps before graduation from our program.

4.  Journaling

The Change Companies® have created journals specifically for use in addiction treatment programs which The River Source utilizes as a vital component of the teaching process. Journaling allows clients to explore their abusive and addictive behaviors and learn important facts on the effects of alcohol and other drugs.

5. Individualized and Family Counseling

Family and individualized counseling is a critical part of any successful addiction treatment program – including ours at The River Source. Our experienced substance abuse counselors, life trainers, family counselors, recovery coaches and after-care counselors – some of whom have themselves successfully fought their own addiction demons – are on the vanguard of successful counseling strategies.

Our Licensed Independent Substance Abuse Counselors (LISACs) teach our patients the necessary skills to understand their emotions, to identify behaviors and problems related to their addiction, to defy their drug cravings, to develop alternative coping strategies, how to cultivate positive relationships with their families and friends and better understand the internal issues that cause addiction.

Therapy sessions with family members are used to educate the addict about family issues that were created and relationships that are strained by the patient’s substance abuse. Patients and their families will work to discover the causes of addictions, to explore ways to heal the injuries that the patient’s addiction has triggered and to define the future roles that family members each will play in a successful recovery program.

6.  Aftercare Plan

Most addicts have abused their substances of choice for quite a bit longer than the thirty to ninety days that they will spend with us in treatment, thus they have spent much more time practicing an unhealthy lifestyle that they will spend unlearning their bad habits. While an in-patient treatment regime is required for most addicts to rid themselves of their detrimental habits, it’s also necessary to implement a follow-up structure to sharpen the recovery tools that the in-patient care has provided and to have regular sessions to reinforce the motivation to stay clean & sober.

Without vigilance, substance abuse problems can be rekindled after the patient reenters the normal home, workplace and social environments. To help prevent relapsing, our counselors will create an aftercare plan based on a patient’s unique needs that will reinforce the lessons that are taught during the addict’s stay in our facility. Our alumni can lean on these aftercare systems for monitoring, support and to avoid reviving the destructive lifestyle that caused the addiction originally.


Our Guarantee

We believe in what we teach and we believe in our patients’ ability to learn. Our faith is reinforced because our alumni are among the most successful graduates of treatment plans anywhere. We know that we can improve our patients’ lives – one day at a time.

We know that our program works and we know that it can work for you.

Our success rate has convinced us to offer our patients a guarantee….after an addict has committed to recovering by completing The River Source’s three-month treatment program, we will guarantee our results. (See FAQ for more details.)

If the answer to any of these questions is “yes”, please pick up a phone and call us at The River Source right NOW!

We’re here every hour of every day of every week of every month to take your call.

We’ll listen to you, we’ll answer all of your questions and we’ll help you to decide what to do about whatever the addiction issue may be.



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We’re The River Source and we teach addicts to re-learn how to live a substance free and healthy lifestyle.